Dr. Mirjana Popović-Božić


mirjana popovic bozic


Emeritus Professor


- Institute of Physics, Center for Theoretical Physics, Belgrade (1970-);   Assistant (1970-73), Research Assistant (1973-83), Research Associate (1983-93), Research Professor(1994-).  
- Institute of Theoretical Sciences, University of Oregon, Eugene, USA, Visiting Research  
Associate (Dec 1974-June1975).
- Chemistry Department B, Technical University of Denmark, Lingby, Visiting Research Associate  (Automn 1983).
- Department of Physics, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, USA, Adjunct Associate Professor (2003-).

- Exchange interaction in molecules and magnetic solids (application of the Girardeau’s second quantization method for composite particles in the study of many electron exchange effects in molecules and magnetic solids).
- Theories of spin (quantization of classical models of extended particles, magnetic top as a model of quantum spin, quantum relativistic rotator).
- Phases in quantum mechanics (spin phases, phases in interferometry, dynamical    and geometrical phases...) .
- Fundamental problems of quantum mechanics (interpretation of quantum interference, neutron, atomic and molecular optics, the status of probability laws in quantum mechanics, the dependence of quantum interference on particle size,  compatible statistical interpretation of a wave function). 



M. Božić, D. Dimić and M. Davidović 
Coherent Beam Splitting by a Thin Grating
Acta Physica  Polonica A 116 (2009) 479 

Davidovic  Milena, Sanz Angel S,  Arsenović Dušan,  Božić Mirjana,  Miret-Artes  Salvador 
Electromagnetic energy flow lines as possible paths of photons
Physica Scripta   T135  (2009)  014009 (5pp)  

Arsenović  Dušan; Božić Mirjana; Sanz Angel S.; Davidovic  Milena    
Evolution of the wave function of an atom hit by a photon in a three-grating interferometer
Physica Scripta   T135  (2009)  014025 (5pp)  

Božić Mirjana; Man'ko Margarita; Arsenović, Dušan
EDITORIAL: The 15th Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics
Physica Scripta   T135  (2009)  011001 (1pp)

Božić Mirjana; Man'ko, Margarita
CEWQO topical issue PREFACE
Physica Scripta   T135  (2009) 011005 (5pp)

Mirjana Božić, Marko Popović and Ilija Savić
Out Classroom Installations for Learning Physics: Learning Environment
7th International Conference of the Balkan Physical Union, Alexandropoulos, edited by A. Angelopoulos and T. Fildisis,   American Institute of Physics   CP1203 (2009)  1250-1255


Angel S Sanz, Milena Davidović, Božić Mirjana  and Salvador Miret Artes
Understanding interference experiments with polarized light through photon trajectories
Annals of Physics 325 (2010) 763-784 

M. Božić, M. Davidović, T. L. Dimitrova, S. Miret-Artés, A. S. Sanz and A. Weis
Generalized Arago-Fresnel Laws: An EME Flow Line Description
Journal of Russian Laser Research  31 (2) (2010) 117-128.

M. Božić, D. Arsenović, A. S. Sanz and M. Davidović
On the influence of resonance photon scattering on atom interference
Phys. Scr. T140 (2010) 014017 (5pp)

M Božić, L Vušković, M Davidović and Á S Sanz
On Wheeler’s delayed-choice Gedankenexperiment and its laboratory realization
Phys. Scr. T143 (2011) 014007 (4pp) doi:10.1088/0031-8949/2011/T143/014007

D. Arsenović and  M. Božić                                                                                                                                        Visibility of interference in Feynman's atomic light microscope
Phys. Scr. T147 (2012)  014002

M Davidović, A S Sanz, M Božić and D Arsenović
Coherence loss and revivals in atomic interferometry:
a quantum-recoil analysis
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 45 (2012) 165303 (17pp)

Milena Davidović, Angel S Sanz, Mirjana Božić, Dušan Arsenović and
Dragan Dimić
Trajectory-based interpretation of Young’s experiment, the Arago–Fresnel
laws and the Poisson–Arago spot for photons and massive particles
Phys. Scr.  T153 (2013) 014015 doi:10.1088/0031-8949/2013/T153/014015

Mirjana Božić,
Inspiring environment for learning natural sciences School as a three dimensional lecture book
Europhysics News, 44/2 (2013) 22-26.

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