Group for Physics of Ordered Nanostructures and New Materials




The subject of our research are ordered nanostructures and new materials used primarily in photonics. Our research on metamaterials, plasmonic structures and photonic crystals includes the study of their  electromagnetic properties, a search for new geometries and materials  and possible applications. One of the main tasks is to design metamaterials, plasmonic and photonic-crystal structures for applications in the visible range. For this purposes, we use different numerical tools such as finite element, finite difference, plane wave expansion, and Green functions methods.


An additional important task consists of a search and characterization of better low-losses materials (metallic alloys, inter-metallic compounds, doped semiconductors or transparent metallic films) for plasmonic and metamaterial structures. One possible solution could be the use of graphene and graphene-based nanostructures with their  extraordinary properties and promising applications both in photonics and electronics.


Our study of graphene comprises fabrication of flakes, characterization, calculations of electronic and optical properties, simulations of electromagnetic field propagation through graphene-based structures and atomic force microscope patterning using standard and anodic oxidation lithography. For characterization of all nanostructure materials we use various optical spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopy techniques. A special emphasize is on the role of spectroscopic ellipsometry as a valuable tool for nanostructure characterization.




Single-layer graphene flake on

300nm SiO2

Sample beneath photoresist with opened

pads geomety for lift-off

Single-layer graphene

samplewith two point probe UV

photolitography pads

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